First Look At American Idol Judges on The Simpsons!

Oh my God!

This is gonna be SO much fun to watch!

Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell have all been transformed into yellow along with Host Ryan Seacrest.


The episode is titled "Judge Me Tender" and is the Season Finale of The Simpsons, to air on May 23.

AceShowBiz informs that In the episode aptly titled "Judge Me Tender", Springfield's beloved bartender Moe Syzslak will get a chance to offer some criticisms alongside the judges.

We love the yellow versions of Kara and Ellen, they're so funny!

Can't wait to see this, it's gonna be cool!

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Thats no ellen, that GF look 2 young; she looks like a love child between that frenetic and psyco-bitch Anne Heche and justin bieber. jajajajaj

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