EXCLUSIVE: Complete Coverage On American Idol's Ex Contestans Katie Stevens, Andrew Garcia visiting Alex Lambert on 'If I Can Dream' Reality Show

The ex contestants sat down in the reality show 'If I Can Dream', where ex fellow competitor Alex Lambert is being shown 24/7, and answered some questions and talked about a lot of things regarding their experiences on the show.

At the beginning, Katie Stevens pretty much eclipsed their ex competitors by talking without stopping, and she labeled group songs like 'cheesy' and 'tired when you had to did it for so many times'. Alex Lambert looked all divalicious with his glasses and his feet on the table, he seemed very relaxed. The guys also talked about meeting David Cook and said he was 'awesome'.

Katie Stevens was particularly eagered to answer most of the questions sent by fans..

We think Katie Stevens was completely different here from what she was on stage, she seemed to have an answer to EVERY single question she received, and she looked and sounded so confident she even appeared as cocky, but we know she's amazing. Our guessing is the pressure of getting votes made her feel intimidated.

Andrew, on the other side, looked completely honest and the same as he always does, he said he understood the judges and even if one question sent by a viewer asked him if he felt frustrated when he received mean criticism and he said 'that's what they get paid for, they're judges, they're doing their job'.

Both Katie and Andrew encouraged their fans to go to see them on tour in the USA and Canada and talked a bit with the guys at the house on If I Can Dream. They also gave us their personal Twitter accounts, which they weren't allowed to use while they were on the show, and Katie said she 'tweeted a lot', so make sure to follow her. The links to their Twitter accounts can be found below.

On the question if she would date Tim Urban, Katie Stevens replied "we are meant to just be friends, he's like my brother" and said she had a boyfriend that was her best friend. She said they're still dating but they had the 'friend' talk since she's going on tour.

Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia Join Alex Lambert and the cast of 'If I Can Dream' on Idol Dream Night for a photoshoot.

Later in the night, both Katie, and Andrew sat down with Alex Lambert and the other members of the house at 'If I Can Dream'. Then, Katie sat on the piano, Andrew and Alex grabbed the guitars and they goofed for a while and of course, we had our smile when Katie started singing a vocally perfect cover version of Sara Bareilles' "Gravity". Then Andrew and Alex joined and we had a fun moment watching the three contestans just playing music freely, without the tension of doing it for votes.

Alex Lambert performed his original song inspired on Ellen Degeneres called 'Butterflies'

Then, our hearts melted when Alex Lambert, joined by Andrew Garcia in the guitar an later on in the backing vocals, started singing his original song, 'Butterflies' and one of the guys at the house did the percussion with his hands. Katie asked 'Alex "That's your song?" at the beginning, and more people on the house gathered around Alex to hear him sing. God, we love this guy.

Then, the three of them sang together again a nice cover version of Colbie Caillat's "Realize", followed by  a very interesting mash-up version of Katy Perry's  "Thinking Of You" with Miley Cyrus' "The Climb", graced of course by the main vocals of Stevens and the backing vocals of Garcia and Lambert.

Alex sang solo again his original song "I've Been Working", and reminded us why we were so upset when he was voted off the competition. At least his album will be released before hopefully!

Alex Lambert, Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens sang together for the first time live.

Andrew, Alex and Katie sang together an acoustic version of Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" and Andrew gave veeeery cool vocals on it! Seriousy,it was the first time we actually liked his singing. They also sang together covers of OneRepublic's "Come Home". The interesting moment happened when Alex Lambert took Andrew Garcia  outside of the house (leaving Katie Stevens alone with the guysof the reality show) by the pool and tried to give him lessons on how to sing his falsetto on OneRepublic's "Come Home". Uhm... aren't them both beginners? Anyways, it's pretty much obvious Alex has gained so much confidence, we love him.

To watch Alex 24/7 on the reality show go to http://ificandream.com

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