Eva Longoria Defends Desperate Housewives Creator Marc Cherry

On an interview that will air this monday on Ellen, Eva Longoria has come to the defense of Desperate Housewives Series Creator Marc Cherry.

She says that the show's set is "not hostile", which is totally contrary to what former cast member Nicolette Sheridan has affirmed in her $20 million lawasuit.

“The only thing I can say is we don’t have a hostile set, and Marc’s really nice, and Nicollette’s a nice girl, too,” Gaby Eva said. In addition, she told Ellen the girls back in Wisteria Lane want to keep their jobs avoid any kind of trouble: "We’re just kind of staying out of it" and they all want to “protect our set and protect our work because we love it. We love going to work every day.”

Okay, so it seems like somebody got a memo when she said "something was going on between these two" the other day!

This just confirms that Nicolette might be saying the truth, and therefore, Cherry's in trouble.

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