Ellen Degeneres Named The Most Influential Gay Person In America

Congratulations to Ellen!

The American Idol judge and talk show Comedian Star Ellen Degeneres has been named the most powerful gay person in America by Out magazine.

Out magazine does this list every year and had quite a few good things to say about the queen of their list.

"Since DeGeneres replaced Paula Abdul as a judge on American Idol in February," the magazine says, "millions upon millions of viewers are getting a double dose of the hugely popular talk show host and 12-time Emmy winner."

The writers continue, "A passionate advocate for marriage equality, an avid opponent of 'don't ask, don't tell,' and staunch defender of animal rights, DeGeneres's enormous platform is many an American's gain."

Adam Lambert, who was also at American Idol last season and has gained so much fame in practically months, is in the number 5 spot, so congratulations to him. Out magazine says about Lambert: "he shattered the glass closet of American Idol."

Among other people on the list there's Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother (#7), CNN anchor Anderson Cooper (#3), Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster (#41), comedian actress Wanda Sykes from The New Adventures of Old Christine (#36), and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton (#26).

Congratulations to all of these people and to anyone out there who's not famous and fights for equality no matter what their sexual orientation or race is.

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