Drew Barrymore sits on the Director's Chair

Drew Barrymore is currently directing her very first film up to date called "Whip It!". According to AceShowBiz, she's been training to become a filmmaker since she was six years old, and has been a producer since 1999.

Having Steven Spielberg as her godfather, Barrymore couldn't be more confident of a lifetime of watching a very talented mentor. She tells the Press Association, "I handled my godfather's (Spielberg's) scripts when I was six years old. I've been training for this my whole life, and I'm OK with 'slow and steady wins the race'."

"After producing for 15 years, working with all the filmmakers I worked with, learning what I like and don't like and really immersing myself in the process, I felt much more prepared to go walk that plank because I knew what I was walking into. You still have to be humble and know you're on a learning curve because directing is a whole other animal, no matter how good a producer you are, or how much you've been watching people. To become the captain of a ship is just new territory."

Via AceShowBiz.

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