Dr. Dre is ready to Make a Comeback: Official Date

Guess who's back? Back again?

No, not Eminem, he's back already. This time is the turn of his mentor, Dr. Dre.

Yes yes yes Dre fans, he's back.

Just when we were ignorant enough to think Eminem was the only one who idolized adored liked this guy, MTV has confirmed that Dr. Dre's "long-awaited" Detox LP will drop a first single called "Under Pressure" and he teamed up with no other than Beyonce's other half, Jay-Z for his comeback single.

The single will apparently hit the airwaves this month, "in the next two weeks or so" according to Dr. Dre himself.

After all, it's been 11 years since his lastest studio album, which is A LONG time.

Are you excited for the comeback of Eminem's mentor?

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