Linkin Park returns!!!

Well, not exactly a video, and not really the return of this amazing band, but a very respectable effort made by them for collecting funds for Haiti.

I was listening to their old Meteora album today and looked up to see what's been of this band and found this track called “Not Alone,” which they recorded during sessions for the band’s 2007 CD Minutes To Midnight, though the vocal tracks were never finished. “When the opportunity to do this started coming together, Mike [Shinoda] and Chester [Bennington] got back in the studio,” says Linkin Park bassist David “Phoenix” Farrell. “I believe they finished the vocals at 3am on Sunday morning.”

Linkin Park has a non-profit foundation called Music For Relief, and they've released a compilation album called "Download To Donate" with tracks from other artists like Dave Matthews Band, The All American Rejects, Peter Gabriel, Slash and Alanis Morissette.

Check out this video featuring the track. It's not at all like the old Linkin Park, but more like the one of their 2007 album Minutes to Midnight.

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