TrueBlood: Bill and Sam will have an erotic relationship on Season 3


We've always seen Eric as the ever-flirting one, especially with LaFayette, and we've never had a hint on these two bonding, especially since Sam used to have the hots for Sookie, but well, we'll have to see how this develops.

Show creator, Alan Ball, told exclusively that the two will forge “not just anyconnection, an erotic connection.” As you know, these won't be the only same sex thing going on Season 3 of TrueBlood, but also LaFayette will land a boyfriend with super hot latino actor Kevin Alejandro.

What do you think about this? Is it way too much for Sam and Bill flirting? Doesn't it just seem too out of the blue for you? We're gonna have to wait and see, especially because of how creative these writers are.


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