Simon Cowell doesn't deny Paula might be on the X-Factor

That's right, people!

After the recent announcement of Simon Cowell that he will leave American Idol this season, he's stated that he might work with Paula on his new show, the X-Factor, and it might be either in the States or in the UK, where the X-Factor has successfuly run through six seasons already.

"Paula has been talking to me for months. I've always made it clear that in some capacity I want to work with Paula again. It might be here, it might be in England," Cowell revealed. He added, "I adore Paula. I miss her." Cowell says "The X Factor's" panel will "probably" be announced in a few weeks. Rumors about Victoria Beckham are completely false, Cowell says. "I never approached her. Never have, never will. I don't know where these rumors come from," he answered. Beckham will be a featured judge in the Boston auditions episode tonight on the Season Premiere of American Idol's Season 9.

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