No Snoop Dogg for True Blood!

With Season 3 coming this Summer, TrueBlood has started to take a sip at the red hot gossip fame brings.

Former famous rapper Snoop Dogg has stated he not only mention the hit TV Series True Blood on one of his recent singles, but he also would like to appear on it.

But some Main Cast Member disagrees big time with this!

Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie Stackhouse on the show that broke audience records last year, Snoop Dogg might now quite be there just because of putting him there.

"If it were an appropriate character, then why not? We have all types of people on the show," she told E! News last night at L.A.'s Sunset Tower Hotel, where she hosted Audi's Pre-Golden Globes celebration. "But we don't really...put people on the show for the sake of putting people on the show.

"I feel like some shows are more OK with that sort of stunt casting, like, 'Oh, it'll boost ratings for that week,' " Paquin continued. "It's not really our schtick."

It seems like TrueBlood is faithful to the quality and only the quality of its show, especially because putting someone as trashy as Snoop Dogg, who even lets his kids was the R-Rated show, might be quite wrong in our opinion.

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