Jessica Simpson New TV Show

In the Show you can see Jessica Simpson as she travels the world with sidekick/pal CaCee Cobb and noted hairdo guru Ken Paves talking with women in India, France, Thailand, Japan, Uganda, Morocco, and Brazil about their sometimes bizarre beauty rituals and customs, fashion picks and weird diets all while offering to help better their lives.

Yeah right!

The show even gave a young girl in Mumbai, India a chance to repair a facial deformity

Check some of the details.

What have you learned about beauty from going around the world and interviewing women?

Jessica: I think going all around the world and seeing all of these incredibly courageous women, it really inspired all of us to find the best within ourselves.

And I feel like I walk around with so much more pride in who I am as a woman, as a person. And I got to do it with my best friends, and I think we all just discovered so much about what life really, really is and what beauty actually means.

Has the girl in India changed your view on reconstructive surgery? Isn't there a difference between women who don't have a deformity and elect to do it and a girl who really needs it?

Jessica: I am not against reconstructive surgery if it is for a woman to have more confidence. If that's what it's for, if that's truly the reason, I think that I would support it.

Giving this little East Indian girl a smile arms her with courage to face the world and fulfill her potential wouldn't you say?

Jessica: Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, that was just one part of the show. I mean, we learn a lot about surgery in Brazil. It's definitely the largest place for plastic surgery. I think one incredible thing that we all fell in love with was all the different religions and just learning more about the Muslims and Hindus and the Buddhists and how they define beauty.

So I think you'll see a lot of that throughout the show as well. There's lots of laughter. There's a lot of tears. But, I think you'll definitely see friendship and beautiful women.

Do you follow up with Mena who had the cleft palate? How is she doing, and is that a big part of the show, following up on women you have covered?

Jessica: Absolutely. Mena is here in the United States right now going through more surgery. She had a cleft lip and a cleft palate. So there were more surgeries that needed to be done, and she's also getting some dental work done, and she'll be here for probably another six weeks.

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