Heidi Montag wants to be size... H?

Is there even that size?

We don't even know for obvious reasons. But Heidi Montag has told Extra that despite of just having her second breast surgery, she's already thinking of a new one saying her chest is now a "triple D, F. I like the F. I actually want H for Heidi."

According to reports, Heidi, who's just 23 years old and has already had tons of cosmetical procedures, always felt uncofortable from her inner self with what she looked on the outside, and blames the kids at school for not leaving her alone.

In addition, her hubby, Spencer Pratt is not a leaving her alone either and rather tells her she needs therapy and that she's lost it.

We kinda agree with douchebag Spencer. The things we dislike about ourselves from the outside can be fixed without the risky and expensive knife of a surgeon.

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