Grey's Anatomy 6x12 "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" Promotional HQ Pics


Here are some highlights we get on the promo pics for the January 21st episode of Grey's Anatomy:

Ellen Pompeo is looking sooooo good despite having just giving birth to her baby, congrats to her for that!

So glad to see Katherine Heigl returning at least this episode and even happier to see her hugging with Alex. Let's hope one of our favorite couples of this show get back together!

It seems like the Chief's issues with Derek and his performance as Chief of Surgery continues as he's back on being an alcoholic. My guess is something happens to him at the season finale and Derek eventually becomes Chief of Surgery.

And as some spoilers from days ago suggested, it seems like this is the episode that introduces Dr Bailey's future love interest, the new Anesthesiologist of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Click on pics to enlarge.


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