Adam Lambert Does On the Record

Adam Lambert will be the featured guest on the show, On the Record, this coming Monday. Here is what he shared:

Coming out of the closet :

“It’s funny …This whole thing, talking about coming out. I don’t even think about it anymore until all of this started happening with my career. And it’s interesting now, because I am open and visible. I suppose it is important to talk about it, but the past eight or nine years of my life I haven’t thought twice about it, it’s just who I am.”

About the album cover:

“People saw that cover and they were like ‘he looks a little feminine to me, I don’t understand.’ I’m like yeah… I had so much airbrushing on that picture on purpose. The hunky dory cover that Bowie did, Boy George and Motley Crue and Prince — like all these artists that did this over the top, lipsticky glammy thing. The minute someone from ‘Idol’ does it, who’s actually gay, it’s like ‘Oh No!’”

High school experience:

“Middle School was kind of an isolated time. I mean the only social outlet I really had was theater and that was one day a week. I was in a children theater group on Saturdays and that was really my social group. That was the one place where I felt like there were other kids like me.”

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