Sneak Peek "Carry Out" Timbaland's New Video ft. JT

"Carry Out" is a single part of Timabaland's last album "Shock Value 2". The album was released on December 8, 2009.

Timbaland said, "reminds me of a 2010 'Drop It Like It's Hot.' All these sounds from all over. We tried to give another slang for women. Instead of 'Your phat butt' or 'Your big breasts,' we say, 'Oh, I need you. Can I be your carry out? Be my carry out. I want you to be my dinner, my leftovers, my everything.' It's a different slang. We're grown men, I wanna be subliminal to females. Like, 'Oooh, carry out? That's kinda sexy'."

The clip does not only share commentary from the two singers but also offers footage from their duet performance on stage.

Check it out.

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