Britney is Pressuring Jason to Get Married

Come on! Is she doing it again? Did you learn something of your last marriage Brit?....Poor thing.

Britney's boyfriend, Jason Trawick, is out of town now and of course Britney was spotted on December 9 in several Beverly Hills jewelry stores, looking at engagement rings all by herself. “Britney is ready to marry Jason,” says a friend of her, who has been reading bridal magazines and is hoping for a big, traditional wedding in the summer of 2010 — even though Jason has yet to pop the question. “She wants to be with him 24/7.”

“His career is demanding,” the friend explains. “He can be on the phone or on his computer at any hour, day or night, and Britney finds that she’s competing with his work for attention.” Since Britney makes enough money to support both of them, she doesn’t see why Jason has to work as much as he does. “Britney doesn’t want to marry a workaholic,” her friend explains.

We hope this doesn't end in a crazy Brit, AGAIN!

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