Microsoft gets wannabe

Google beware! NOT! LOL

In an attempt to fight (?) back against the massive useufulness user-oriented marvelous and FREE Google Apps, Microsoft has officially launched a "Technical preview" of their web-based version of the new Microsoft Office 2010, which will also be online and aims to compete directly with google.

"Microsoft Office Web Applications" which is how they've called it features basic tools to create, edit, change and save documents made in Office. Of course, as it is just a "technical preview" we all mortals will have to wait until early 2010 for its official release, since only a few priviledged users are alowed to test this.

I think that Google Apps has all that a user needs. I mean, if you need to use Word or some other simmilar software for more complicated stuff, then you have many useful options like Open Office, which cost you zero dollars and especially it's a lot of money to save on licenses if you have to implement this kind of software to your company.

I believe that the manjority of people out there are just too attached to Office by habit than by how optimus it is, because most users only write down simple documents they can create with google apps, and with this new charity of good old microsoft who doesn't even give away the whole thing for free, I don't really think people are going to use it that much, though I might be wrong.

We are gonna have to wait and see the strategies good old Macrohard will use.

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